Somewhere over the rainbow is an exhilarating new collection by Delvaux. Indeed, the new season is awash with color, from gentle pastels to fresh citrus-tinted nuances that further set off the modern, sleek and luxurious lines of each silhouette.
The legendary Belgian brand has dared more than ever with a refreshing palette, inventive contrasts and subtle details, all brought together by the unparalleled and time-honored virtuosity that is the hallmark of this unique Maison. With a collection once again characterized by avant-garde techniques, Delvaux continues to cement its reputation as the forerunner in the creation of unique standout pieces and exclusive designs to be passed down from mother to daughter.

An authentic Belgian brand since 1829, Delvaux was founded a year before the birth of the Belgian nation, which declared its independence from the Netherlands in 1830. Under the stewardship of King Léopold of Saxe-Cobourg Gotha, an uncle of the future Queen Victoria of England, Belgium enjoyed significant growth, becoming the world’s fourth-largest economic power by 1901. Delvaux thrived honoring the grandeur, tradition and symbols of Belgium and earning the title of "royal warrant holder of the court of Belgium." Because as King Leopold II famously proclaimed, "The nation of Rubens must be as great in its art as in its commerce and industry."