Despicable Me 3 inspired capsule collection

Craig and Karl to interpret the Minions

Craig Redman and Karl Maier have been commissioned by Universal Pictures to re-interpret the infamous Minions for their latest addition to the franchise, Despicable Me 3.
The designs have been applied to a range of fashion and accessory products by six influential brands and selected brands are now available to the public at Italian’s infamous fashion hub, Excelsior Milano.

The store will house the capsule collection and broadcast its excitement with ‘Minions by Craig and Karl’ branded window and in-store video installations.

The collection will be located in a teaser installation on the ground floor. “Karl and myself were instantly drawn to the Minions as their un-fearing wit, frank opinions and brash colours are akin to our designs and ourselves.

Using Freedonia as the subject with its tourist angle offered a utopian marriage between our playful and bold aesthetics.” Craig Redman, Artist. “We instantly thought of Craig & Karl for this project as their handwriting offers the fresh and unexpected take on the franchise that appeals to the fashion-conscious audience we are targeting. They have elevated the property by providing a sophisticated yet pop approach to the Minions.” – Universal Pictures