Why limit the use of a smiley face to a cell phone chat? This season thanks to jewelry designer Rachel Shaw, founder of the high-end London-based Ruifier brand, you can now wear a happy face on your ears, wrists and neck. Her latest offering, in fact, includes 18-karat gold smiley faces on colorful adjustable chords, an artful balance of playfulness and minimalism for all age ranges. The name Ruifer derives from the old English word ‘Reify’, which means to create a tangible object from an abstract idea. Theory into practice in other words. Inspiration wise, the pretty brunette designer draws from her love of graphic urban and natural shapes soaked up during her worldwide travels to her beloved ones, notably her dog Taiki. 
Masterfully crafted and detailed using precious conflict-free stones and diamonds, each piece is created to transform the wearer into a storyteller of their own by combining, adapting and interlocking the pieces, making each design unique.
An exciting brand with an attitude, Ruifier counts Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, Kristen Wiig, Emma Roberts, Sophie Turner and G-Dragon among her fans.