Make it a back-to-school moment for grown-ups with the Limited Edition backpack for which the storied Italian back-pack specialist has created a customized version of its iconic Jolly style.
Available in three combinations with navy blue matched to yellow, green and red, as in the best Invicta tradition, it is made from sturdy stone-washed nylon with vintage effect. Each one is personalized with felt patches.
Especially among teen-agers, backpacks are the perfect accessory with which to express one’s personality via writings, slogans, signatures and all sorts of visuals that make them unique. A sort of blank canvas that in the Eighties especially was the rage among students seeking to customize their backs, to share their dreams, to tell their stories. In many ways, an ahead-of-the-times social media outlet.
Founded in 1906 as a bag and sacs manufacturer, Invicta was a pioneer in the high-performing sports sector, starting in 1933 when it developed the first rigid frame backpack, originally designed for mountaineering expeditions. In 1938, Invicta invented and trademarked a patent for the modern belt pouch and, a few years later, during WWII, its backpacks and gaiters became standard military equipment. Between the Sixties and Seventies, it was the go-to brand for the most famous expeditions on the Himalaya, Alps and Andes. In 1980, the lightweight, mountain-perfect Jolly style became an icon of urban style with a distinctive Italian flair.