The new Star Wars First Order Stormtrooper Robot has landed from outer space just in time for the holiday season. Masterminded by Ubtech Robotics, a global leader in intelligent humanoid robots, this latest high-tech jewel features increased reality capabilities, voice command, facial recognition, and sentry patrolling. The app-enabled interactive robot allows users to control their own personal Stormtrooper and interact like never before.
“We are thrilled to launch the Star Wars Stormtrooper Robot by Ubtech,” said James Chow, CEO of Ubtech. “Both Star Wars and Ubtech put a great focus on innovation and family-friendly technology. Together, we are delivering a new and interactive experience for Star Wars fans.”
Indeed, considering that the robot’s most alien-like qualities include First and Third Person AR App Modes that protect the First Order against the Resistance in your own room, issuing direct verbal orders, and launch attacks for immersive interactive app play; being able to speak directly to your Stormtrooper to interact in new ways; creating a database of up to three faces using the facial biometrics feature for customized interactions. Your Stormtrooper will also patrol a designated area to detect and respond to intruders.
Get ready to build your army…and play.