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Guccy, Guccification and Guccify Yourself – get ready to join the Gucci community with the latest ironic slogans splattered across a crop of Tees that stood out in the Gucci Cruise 2018 collection, presented in Florence, inside the sumptuous Palatine gallery in Palazzo Pitti.
Certainly, the key to Alessandro Michele’s stellar success is his incredibly focused vision, wit and aesthetic. A desirability that the designer now fuels with his new logoed T-shirts that reach far beyond the concept of status symbol. For the most part, the writings appear on white cotton and paired with Michele’s iconic serpents and feline and wolf heads.
Typically, a Gucci show is a feast for the eyes, an over-the-top mix of centuries, references, elements, inspirations, and embellishments that Michele masters so well. So, what level of Guccification are you ready for?