Infinite impulse shopping in a card to be given as a gift. From fashion to beauty, from design to accessories, Extraordinary Giftcard by Excelsior Milano allows you to donate a budget of your choice to a special someone who will be able to customize your present following personal taste.

A multiple suggestion of chances and freedom to spend at will. A gift of minimal proportions, with a precious packaging, that encloses a world of shopping.

How it works

  • Load your Giftcard, at the moment of purchase, with a maximum amount of 10,000 €.

  • A proof of purchase will be issued after the card activation, indicating the loaded amount. From this moment, the card will be active for 6 months.

  • After the expiration date, the card will not be valid for use and carriers will not be entitled to any form of refund of the remaining balance; the residual amount may be transferred to a new Giftcard free of charge if a request is made before expiration of the old card.

  • At this point, the card is ready for use and to be donated to the recipient.

  • The card can be used by anyone for any purchase in the Excelsior Milano shops participating merchants.

  • To find out the balance, the expiration date, and the last 5 movements made with the card, it is enough to go at any Excelsior Milano pay desks any time.

  • It is a scaling card, so it can be used for multiple purchases until complete exhaustion of the value contained or partial payment of a purchase.

  • It cannot be recharged and it is not eligible for cash refund of the loaded amount.

  • It is bearer and it is equivalent to cash: if it is lost, stolen or damaged, the card cannot be blocked and no responsibility can be attributed to Excelsior Milano for its misuse.

  • This Giftcard potrà essere utilizzata dalla data di acquisto fino alla data di scadenza indicata sulla Card stessa.

  • The remaining balance will be printed on the receipt at any purchase done with the card.